There are five types of staff users for a Pressbase newsroom: (ranked from higher to lower permission)

Owner > Administrator > Editor > Author > Contributor.

The owner has all the permissions. When you create a newsroom, the default owner login credential is the same as your login credential.

Staff user permissions

Overall User Interface     
view 'Settings' in admin menuXX   
view 'Your Profile' in user menuXXXX 
edit 'Your Profile' in user menuXXXX 
view general blog settingsX    
edit general blog settingsX    
view users settingsXX   
invite usersXA*   
revoke invites to usersXA*   
view other usersXA*   
edit other usersXA*   
delete other usersXA*   
add adminX    
add editorX    
add authorXX   
add contributorXX   
Roles Users     
assignXX (role = author)   
viewXXX X
browseXXX X
edit tagsXX   
add tagsXXX  
delete tagsXX   
Content List     
browse all postsXX   
browse own postsXXX  
create new postsXXXX 
publish postsXXX  
edit own postsXXX  
edit other's postsXX   
delete own postsXXX  
delete other's postsXX   
Media kits, Press clippigns, Media contacts     
View and editXX   
View and editXX   
import contentX    
export contentX    
delete all contentX    

X – Yes
A* – Authors only

How to add a staff user

To add a staff user, go to newsroom admin > Staff. Click the Invite people button to invite a staff user.

There's no hard limit on how many staff users you can add. However, your subscription plan may put some limit on the number of staff users you can add for your account. Please visit the pricing page for details:

How to delete a staff user

To delete a staff user, go to newsroom admin > Staff. Open a staff user and then click the gear button > Delete User. Deleting a staff user will delete all the data (including posts and pages created by the user) associated with it, so progress with caution.

How to suspend a staff user

You can suspend a staff user so that the user cannot login again but the associated data is kept.

To suspend a staff user, go to newsroom admin > Staff. Open a staff user and then click the gear button > Suspend User.