Pressbase allows you to create a multi-language newsroom. A multi-language newsroom means you can publish news in different languages. The visitors to your newsroom will see a language selector at the top right corner of your newsroom:

How to turn on Multi-language feature

Multi-language feature is disabled by default. To turn on the feature, go to Settings > Multi-language and click the toggle button > Save to turn on the feature:

How to create a sub newsroom

Once the Multi-language feature is turned on, you can click Add newsroom button to create a sub newsroom. Here's an explanation for each field:

Newsroom name: it's the name that visitors will see in the newsroom language selector,e.g. North America.

Language: the language for the newsroom, e.g. English.

Regions: The regions the newsroom will serve. You can choose multiple regions here, e.g. United States, Canada.

URL: the URL for the sub newsroom, e.g. en. All posts in this sub newsroom will be in the /en directory.

Default: make the sub newsroom the default newsroom for all visitors.

How to create a post to a specific sub newsroom

If the Multi-language feature is turned on, you will see a newsroom selector banner at the top of the Posts page. You can click change to select a newsroom you want to manage. You can then click New post to start writing post for the selected sub newsroom.

You can also choose the sub newsroom from the post settings side bar while editing your post:

What happens when a visitor subscribes to the newsletter from a sub newsroom?

If the Multi-language feature is turned on, when a visitor subscribes to a form from a sub newsroom, the source for the contact will be Newsroom form, and a tag of the sub newsroom name will be automatically created. The screenshot below shows a subscriber that subscribed from the Germany sub newsroom:

Can I send a newsletter to subscribers subscribed from a specific sub newsroom?

Yes! When you are sending a newsletter, you can filter recipients by source and tags.

Which plan(s) support Multi-language?

Multi-language is a premium feature. Please visit our pricing page to view the plans that support Multi-language: