You can use Pressbase to create beautiful and professional media kits that journalists will love. Here's a demo media kits page created using Pressbase:

What is a media kit?

Simply put a media kit is where you share your brand assets that journalists can use in their media coverage. The brand assets may usually include high resolution press photos or videos, info graphics, etc.  

What content can I share in my media kits?

You can upload photos, embed YouTube or Vimeo videos, upload PDFs or ZIPs.

Can I organize my content into different folders?

Absolutely! You can create unlimited folders and easily organize them in whatever order you like by clicking and holding the dotted icon of a folder.

Can a visitor download files from my media kits?

Yes. The visitor (normally a journalist) can download any file you share in your media kits. Files shared in a media kits are meant to be used by the press in their media coverage.

How do I create a media kits page?

The media kits page is created automatically by default for all newsrooms. You just need to add the content to it. To manage the content, please go to newsroom admin > Pages > Media kits > New folder to create a folder.

Click Upload to upload your brand assets to the folder.

Once done, you can go to your newsroom to view the media kits page.

How do I hide the media kits page from my newsroom?

To hide the media kits page, please go to newsroom admin > Pages > Media kits > Settings > Status. Change Status to Draft > Save.

And then go to Newsroom admin > Settings > Design > Navigation. Find Media kits and click the trash icon next to it to delete it. Click Save to save your settings. The media kits page will disappear from your newsroom now.