You can use your own subdomain name like for your newsroom, instead of the URL.

Step 1: Choose a subdomain

Determine what subdomain you want to use for your newsroom. Root domain like is currently not supported. You should use a subdomain like,,, etc. We'll be using as an example in this article.

Step 2: Create a CNAME record

Go to your domain provider and create the following DNS record:

Record TypeName/HostValue/Data
Notice: Remember to replace with your own domain..

Step 3: Set up on Pressbase

Sign in to > visit Newsrooms tab > find the newsroom you wan to manage > click the Setup button next to Custom domain.

Enter your subdomain in the Enter your domain field and then click the Activate custom domain button.

It typically takes 0-4 hours for CNAME record change to take effect. If you have just added the CNAME record, please try this step in a few hours again.