Each newsroom on Pressbase has its own individual subscription. It's not a Pressbase subscription for all newsroom.

To change the subscription for a newsroom, please sign in to pressbase.io > visit Newsrooms tab > find the newsroom you wan to manage.

Click the Change plan button in the Subscription row.

You'll be brought to the pricing page. Review the plans, choose a payment option at the top right corner and then click the Get XXX button to subscribe.

If you have an active paid plan, you'll be brought to the customer portal page hosted by our payment provide Stripe.

Click the Update plan button to see a list of plans you can choose.

You'll see a list of plans available for your account. You can click Monthly and Yearly buttons to see plans available for each payment options.

Click the Continue button next to the plan you want to subscribe to.

Click the Confirm button to confirm your subscription.

That's it! Your newsroom will be on the new plan immediately. You can go to the newsrooms page to double check it: