Starting price$0.00€5364/year (€447/mo)
Billing optionsMonthly & AnnuallyAnnually
Instant free trial14 daysNo
Free planYesNo
Custom domainYesYes
Multi-language newsroomYesAdditional cost (€147/mon)
Create multiple newsrooms within one accountYesNo
Media kits pageYesYes
Press clippings pageYesYes
Hundreds of integrationsYesNo
Native REST APIYesLimited, only GET
Newsletter subscription formYesYes
Segment subscribers by type, tags, newsroom and sourcesYesLimited, by tags only
Schedule post or emailYesYes
Send post as newsletterYesYes
Send newsletter by segmentsYesLimited, by lists only
Track newsletter performanceYesYes
Embed video, sound and other content in postsYesYes
GDPR compliantYesYes
Multiple users with different permissionsYesAdditional cost (€19 per user per mon)
Newsroom themesYesNo
Code injection to any page or the whole siteYesNo
Own your dataYesYes
RSS feedYesNo
Free migration serviceYesNo

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